The Dreaded eLicenser Issue [solved]

Hi all,

New to the forum but have been an avid Cubase user for many years. This is the first time ever that I have encountered a problem with a Steinberg product - and WOW, it’s one someone as technical as me can’t even fix! I’m hoping this community can get me back up and running as I’m already feeling the effects of this lockdown and now I have no Cubase to wake up to :frowning:

So, I was a Cubase Elements 9.5 user, up until 14th Jun (Sunday) which is when I bit the bullet to upgrade to 10.5. Downloaded and installed 10.5. upgraded the license in my eLicenser app and thought - cool, I’ll play with this in the morning (as it was already very late).

Woke up the next morning, turned on my Surface Book - which I also use for work (hence cannot format it) - had a Windows update to do so did that. It wasn’t a huge update but still created a System Restore point. Launched Cubase and it didn’t work. So I launched the eLicenser app and my virtual container had disappeared - which was VERY strange as I’ve never had any issues before.

So I started reading up about how I could fix this. I uninstalled the eLicenser Control App, re-installed it - that didn’t work. Uninstalled the app again, tried the help app - that didn’t work. The virtual Container isn’t being created - and I’m an Admin user of the Surface Book.

Tried running as Admin - nope. Uninstalled Cubase and Re-installed all of it (inc Halion etc) - then re-ran the eLicenser app - nope.

Tried to go back to the restore point I created on Sunday - that failed. So I raised a ticket with Steinberg on Monday - was hoping to hear something back in 24 hours, however still waiting.

I thought why not give them a call - tried calling the Germany number - connected each time, phone rang and then sounded like someone picked up but no answer on the other side.

Frustrated - tried to see if the US branch could help (you know - they may use the ‘same’ systems n all) - got connected immediately and told me they can’t help as their Live chat service is for US customers only.

Why can’t we have a Live Chat facility for Europe?

So - I’m stuck guys and frustrated, feeling depressed! Has anyone go a solution to this issue as it seems like a good number experience this but no one ever completes their thread to say - yep! fixed it and this is how.

I’ve followed every rule on Steinberg’s website re this issue, and searched through forums and none of the ‘fixes’ work.

If Steinberg support read this, please help :frowning:


Unfortunately some Windows updates break the eLCC. After this, you have to start eLCC as administrator and trigger Maintenance.

If your Soft-eLicenser Number disappeared, use eLCC Helper to generate a new one, please.

Got it fixed guys. Did a windows repair

anisjolly… so, you post that you fixed it… but you didn’t give instructions so others could be helped… I’ve had the issue since the big windows update and spoke with Steinberg support… they said, they are working on it… gave me a link to a work around a user posted… but I am not keen on going in to do registry modifications… .I have lots of other things going on with this computer and I do not want to go down the rabbit hole of fixing one thing only to screw something else up… So Here I sit can’t open Cubase…

I wonder, if people buying new versions or just getting started with Cubase on Windows are having the same problem and what they think… Common Steinberg get us the fix for your software!


I did a simple windows repair. There were no specific instructions other than what I followed here:

I hope this helps.

Was the Windows Update identified as the latest ‘2004’ one ?

Have many other Cubase users encountered this problem ?

I had the misfortune to be ‘updated’ on Saturday last (20th June) the update itself took ages, and incorporated Flash Player and Net Framework 3.5 and 4.8 updates.

Following the update, Cubase Elements 10.5 failed to run.

I received many different messages, most of which I have now forgotten, some relating to an invalid e-licencer, others to operating in safe mode.

As a new user, I was to say the least, slightly ‘miffed’.

I eventually managed to get the programme to work again, I don’t really know how, but some of my PC audio settings had been changed, so some fiddling within the Cubase Studio and Audio settings was needed before I could properly use the programme.

Is this fault to be laid at the door of Microsoft, who seem to have caused this malfunction, or is it down to this e-licencer that Steinberg insist on using.

I would never have purchased this programme if I had realised the problems that were in store. I am still considering writing-off the expense, and looking elsewhere for a programme that is less complicated to set up, and which does not involve e-licencers ?

Actually, mine was an incremental update and not the latest 2020 one.

However, I did manage to speak to support who said there were some issues with the latest May update that were causing issues with Cubase. This is firmly changes that have been made to the MS update that have caused this. I work along side a software house in robotics and we’re constantly finding MS updates breaking the software we work with. It’s quite normal in our world.

My advice would be to give them a call rather than raise a support ticket. I used an international call number and the call cost me less than £5 which went a long way to get my issue resolved.

If you cost up £5 to the number of days it takes for Steinberg support to get back to you - it’s a no brainer.

I hope that helps!