The dreaded spinning ball!

Ive recently started work on a cubase 4 project and up loaded it into 6.5 For some reason when performing some tasks and some times on saving I get the annoying spinning ball-it only lasts a couple of second but its becoming more annoying-anyone else having he same problem?

AFAIK a spinning ball means that your computer is busy computing something. So you seeing this ball may be related to your computer hardware / OS and may not be a Cubase issue. What computer / OS are you using?

I thought my details could be seen-Im using an iMac i7 2.8Ghz with 12Gb ram

Can’t see your details. No knowledge of Macs. As I say the spinning ball may not be a Cubase issue. I think you should take a look at your Mac documentation or troubleshoot on a Mac based forum. Perhaps some mac users here could comment on this (no further comment from me as I use a PC).

Hey I’ve had this happen to me in v6. I just changed the auto save time to 15 minutes and it doesn’t do it anymore. (I can’t remember if setting to 15 minutes is shortening or lengthening but oh well)

Ive changed the save tine to 5 minutes-which seems to have helps-it was set at 3 minutes

Now I understand what your problem is. I assume you know what auto-save is? If you set this to 5 minutes it means that your project is automatically saved every 5 minutes, and every time that occurs you may see the spinning ball depending upon the size of the project. Most people leave auto save at the default 15 minutes. This suits most users. (Every 5 minutes is slightly paranoid unless your computer crashes all the time! so is probably not a useful setting). :sunglasses:

Paranoia is right lol! I hate the possibility of loosing anything! the project I have is far from big nevertheless I shall extend it to 15minutes!