The driver for my Zoom Livetrak 8 disappears in Cubase 12

I just got Cubase 12 and got my Zoom Livetrak 8 to work with it.
The driver for my Zoom was shown nicely in Audio Connections - output and input.
But after I unplugged my Zoom (unplugging the usb) the Zoom driver has disappeared as an option in Audio connections. Only Generic Low Latency Driver is available…
What can I do??
I have restartet machine and program…

I should say, that windows recognizes the driver, so I can use my Zoom to play music through…
But Cubase, the DAW, can’t be used???

Please select Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System and select the correct ASIO driver to the top right.

It worked… Thanx a lot :blush: