The E Button

When I click the e button all I have is a blank black box! I can no longer see the channel strip, eq, etc!!!

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What gear (hard/software, puter’, OS etc) are you using?


Hi lambworxs,

open the Channel Settings window, press the “alt” key on your keyboard, click on the “Funtions Menu” button (upper right corner) and select “Reset Channel Settings Window”.

Please add your system specs to your signature, so that it is easier for others to help you in the future.


is there a way to add ‘open all inserts’ to a key command.

tried many of times, but don’t if i’m missing something. !!


From a fantastic tread by Paul Coyle a tip from mozizo (not a key command, but):

The Whole thread is great.


Cheers Hugh,

thats the method i’ve been working with up 'til now. just wondered if i could add it as a key command…

gonna have a trawl through the list AGAIN tonight.

thanks again

Thanks for this! Amazing tip.

But yes, a keycommand for this would SO SO SO SO useful indeed!!