The Edgy Peasant's music

Hi, I’m a Cubase Pro 8.5 user, first started on Cubase 6 in 2012.
My name is Ryan Sukkar, I’m 28 years old, originaly classical pianist since 6 years old, I live in France.

I decided to try to find a job as composer for video games, yet not found, but I’ve just started my way in (posting on multiples forums, having already few listeners); I use 9.999% of EWQL VSTi.

For this compilation (that is maybe finished, who knows, stay tuned and maybe a new song will pop ;p) I used Symphonic Orchestral Platinium Plus and Ministry of Rock, I’m planning to get the the Hollywood Choirs pack the sooner possible.

Here is the link to my first “Opus” (that’s how I organize my project): Stream The Edgy Peasant | Listen to Op.1 "Dematerialization" playlist online for free on SoundCloud
Hope you enjoy, have a good listening !!!

The Edgy Peasant

I like it ,carry on doing what your doing.

Thanks polgara, I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Edgy Peasant,
I listened to 3 of your tracks, and I think that as you mentioned, adding choirs will probably take it to the next level.
You bring lot of tension is the flow. I appreciate.
Polgara is right, carry on!

Thanks Stephco, I may get the choirs tomorrow or the next day.
I’m glad you appreciated my music, and took the time to listen!

Hi, I now posses the choirs, have a look: Stream The Edgy Peasant | Listen to Op.2 "Ad Planetae" playlist online for free on SoundCloud (the 1st track does not include choirs…)

Good listening!