The eLicencer server is blocked.

Well, nothing works since Canada. The eLicencer server is blocked. We’re going to play outside…

No license server available, tried several times, also eLicenser maintenance, no 11 license, 10.5 invalid. No Cubase! F**K!

Another attempt to repair via maintenance, now the 10.5 license has completely disappeared. Thank you, Steinberg!

I can only recommend to open tickets with their support system via MySteinberg, which I did in the meantime.
Afterwards we could send a letter to the CEO, referring to all the unsolved incidents and claim for a deduction. I mean this 100% seriously!

10.5 Transfer Pending……

I can understand that 11 is not available because of the demand (the pandemic makes us on our computers more often and that the multiplication of requests, in a very short time, could be a problem for the servers).

But that it creates licensing problems with 10.5, and that it prevents people and professional studios from working, is unacceptable.


Here is the official statement.