The endlessly spinning wheel of frustration!

I am using Cubase 5, on Windows 7. When recording or editing audio in Cubase, (vocals, guitar etc), the program will continually freeze EVERY 5/7 minutes, and the busy wheel will spin for between 5/8 minutes, during which I have to wait in order to be able to continue working. When I want to save the project, the busy wheel will again spin for 5/6 minutes every time also. Projects also take an eternity to load every time when starting work. This does not happen when working with only midi files. It also seems to be worse when having many takes recorded in lanes on a track, as after I delete them, the time spent spinning will decrease slightly… This is all driving me insane as it constantly interrupts and prevents my workflow with great inconvenience and frustration. Any help to resolve this problem would be appreciated.

Off the bat sounds like a HDD bottleneck either by disk space or just speed but there’s no way of telling anything if you don’t post your computer specs…

Thanks for the reply. These are my PC specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate - Service Pack 1
32-bit Operating system
HDD OS(C:) 4.56 GB free of 298 GB (Cubase is installed here in Programs folder. All Cubase projects/audiofiles also stored in this drive)
HDD Data (F:) 126GB free of 279 GB
Processor: INTEL CORE i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
4.00 GB RAM (2.92 GB usable)

Please advise if you need any more info, thanks…

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Yea, It sounds like that C drive doesn’t have enough space to function correctly during a session. 4gb of space for a drive housing your cubase files is not good.

For Cubase 5 those specs are good enough to get some work done but aorn I would look at swapping out that drive for an SSD to start.