The export goes quiet for a split second at random points

I’m having issues with exporting this particular track. It exports fine, but every time I export, there is a part that goes silent for a split second. It is not the same part every time, and instead it goes silent at a different point every time (in this file it is at 0:34). No instruments or plugins are trial versions. (1.6 MB)

Tried solutions that didn’t work:
Export in a different format: .mp3, .wav
Changing the buffer size
Exported as midi, and imported into a new project - I exported and the issue persisted.

Oops, I can’t attach the mp3

Have you tried “Realtime Export”?

Yes, I have. Also, is there a way to attach the mp3 so people here can hear the issue? I tried to attach the mp3, but it says that links are not allowed.

I did send it in the cubase discord server

You can put it in a zip file (zip files are allowed) or use a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox e.g., and post a link to that.

I edited the first message so that it includes the file.

Here are a couple of suggestions.

Is this a VST Instrument? If so, what VST instrument are you using? Did you ensure the instrument has enough polyphony to play all notes successfully?

Are you using any insert or send effects? Which effects are you using? It could be that one of the effects is unreliable.

All of them are stock plugins.
A piano from Halion Sonic
A delay, roomworks reverb, an eq and a dual filter (no effects have automation)

The export is fine, and everything exports, but in every export, a small split second part gets its volume reduced (as is audible in the file I attached)

Which version of Cubase are you using?

A few more possibilities…

Try de-activating all effects and re-export. Do you still hear the drop out?

Which Halion Sonic preset? Are you using the preset with the standard performance settings.? Do you have any unusual settings in the Options > Disk Streaming or in Options > Performance?

Do you have plenty of RAM memory on the computer you are using?

I’ll have to get back to you on that as I’m currently not home.

Hi! The issue still persists. Nothing that I tried has managed to fix the issue. It goes quiet randomly during playback too. It is also only in this particular project. No vst instruments are demos or trial versions.

If you bring up the Audio Performance Meter and play through your song, do you notice any spikes?