The export of my project does not take into account the FX tracks

Hello, I have a mix project in Cubase Artist 10.5 and when I export the project I realize that the export has not taken into account my FX channels, who were approved to my voice tracks.
Someone has a solution please ??

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the Stereo Out has been selected as the Channel. Could you attach a screenshot of the Export Audio Mixdown window, please?

Thank’s for your answer, but the Stereo Out is already selected.
Capture d’écran 2020-06-04 à 22.58.33.png


And the routing of the Channels, please?

Sorry but I don’t understand what specifically you want me to show you. What do you mean by " routing channels" ?
Is it that ? (check the attachments)


I mean to open MixConsole window (F3) and open the Routing tab and the Sends tab here, to see how is the signal routed over the channels, please.

Have it ! I just noticed that all FX channels were sent to another routing station that I created in the past (who was called “stereo”), so normally it could work if I send FX channels to the routing station “Stereo out”

Update : it still don’t work, I don’t understand why…

New update : it work now.
Thank’s so much for your help !!


What has changed, please?