The expressionmaps fight: Steinberg vs. Native Instruments

Apart from the big UI issue there is still this major issue with using Komplete Kontrol and the expression maps. Seeing top hollywood composers like Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL), Guy Michelmore, etc. using the S-Series from NI, I can not imagine any of them is happy with this bug.

@ To the fellows of Steinberg (Hamburg) and NI (Berlin). Its 2020, we have great options to connect you to each other: We got the Highway A24, a new airport, or I could even provide you a ZOOM link - free of charge :wink: But please: Do something about this issue.

Steinberg and NI working together to make the experience better for users of both?!?!?!? Next you will suggest solid gold bars for xmas for everyone. =P

Maybe retrospective record might start working on my MK3 inside maschine2. Maybe pigs will fly, also.