The family grows by two today....

…and I am so friking excited!

santa delivers late a double bass and violin!

The bass is so much easier to play :mrgreen:


Looks like mother and child. Congratulations.

Wow. The angle of that photo makes the bass look enormous. (Even more than their already large size.)

Make no mistake. I am 6’ tall and the bass dwarfs me! :laughing:

Aloha T,

Nice wood. Congrats!

Most cool ! :sunglasses:
Tell us more !
3/4 ? Ply ? Gut strings ?

Great photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… shows mother and daughter in the best possible light. :sunglasses:


Congrats, I’m sure you’ll be busy with finding the best microphone placement for the coming week, like you always seem to do :mrgreen:

Piezo pickups for the doghouse come in two basic types ; those that clip to the bridge , and those that are an integral part of of the legs of the bridge .
But , if you are using steel-core strings there is an additional sound possible ( more like an Electric Upright ) with a magnetic pickup .
Here is one hand-made in the USA ;
It sits on the soundboard just below the fingerboard .
( So thats three different sounds that can be blended ; mic , piezo and mag. - Exciting indeed :stuck_out_tongue: )

Very cool. I have tied into people’s bridge pickups in the past. I’m not sure the size or strings but I do know it is plywood. I will have a measure of it later today for the size. I played last night on it for an hour and had a blast. There is a sticker inside that says chetz (I know my spelling is wrong on that)

So jealous. I’d LOVE a DB but just can’t justify it. Enjoy.

WOW … congratulations. I really need to avoid these threads with gear in them. Lust is building faster than my bank account.

The scale is 3/4 and the strings are D’Addario helicore orchestral strings by the looks of them. The sticker insides reads made in Czech republic.

I haven’t a clue what the thing is worth. I saw it sitting in someone’s bedroom covered in dust and asked about it. The woman gave it to me for 3 months to see if I will take to it. I have no idea what she would want for it. It does have some repairs done to it. She had broken the neck when it fell over and had it repaired and I have nothing to compare it to. Since I dance tango, I may try getting in at the place where I dance and play with the group. Keep a look out… I will most likely post a song featuring it :mrgreen:

Looking great Tom! Have fun! :smiley:

Haha! Very very cool!