The features we (working producers) ALL WANT BUT NEVER GET!!

Ok so I’ve been up and down with cubase over the years, I got angry for a while and then it got better.

Last few versions have been good and cubase is stable. There’s been some great things like the new mixer (although I loved it when it went full screen as I use multiple monitors. Don’t know why that was taken out.) and the plugin/track/bus search feature is so simple and useful.

But every new update recently brings mainly stuff I’m not too bothered about and a few things that were good and now seem less good.

  1. The aux sends on the mixer have the names above the slider and take up too much room on the screen. I can’t find all my sends on the channels any more! IT WAS FINE BEFORE!! if it ain’t broke…

  2. The Media bay is awkward and unusable to me. I just use mac finder. But I would love it if it was more simple. Maybe I should just spend more time with it , but i always get annoyed when I try and use it. I would love to be able to quickly find my own specific collection of samples and just search by word, have them found quickly and fly them in.

  3. Duplicate track without content !! So simple . I just want this as a shortcut. Guess I should spend some time working out the macros. But it seems like everyone must be trying to do this . Why not have an easy option somewhere?

  4. AUDIO WARP IN THE PROJECT WINDOW!!! If you do this your program has just become 500000% more valuable to everyone who produces bands! PLEASE! My god, the time I would save…

  5. Make a big, inexpensive controller which is just 32 faders , a couple of aux pots , edit, mute, solo , stop start and i’ll buy it. Why has noone done this? The best inexpensive thing I’ve seen is the TASCAM 2400 and it’s now hard to get hold of one

  6. AUDIO LANES - If I edit the one at the top and cut out a section, I want that to not leave little bits of crap around from the other takes, I want it to delete that part from all of them. If I want to pick and choose I’ll open the lanes. + One day , if you make cubase 3d and the lanes go on the Z-axis with some sort of variable transparency I will love you all forever.

    That’s it. I WISH there was some kind of crowdfunding update thing. We could all vote and pledge for something to be implemented . Then the coders at steinberg just get directly rewarded for the things we want. Rather than us just being frustrated at the pointless toys and the lack of useful features for working producers. In a few years you’d also have a version of cubase which was the most efficient DAW ever if you did this

    PLease steinberg, Hear my prayer.


p.s I am fully paid up . The acc with my dongle code has been lost in your system for years and I can’t retrieve it or log in

I agree with all these points!

+1 to all, especially #4 Audiowarp in the project window.

To 1.think its a matter of tast. never got in my way
to 2. you can set it to only show user content and in fact you can search by word.
to 3. There is allready a macro setup for this. just assign a key command to it and you are good.
to 4. This indeed would be great
to 5. Not really a Cubase feature isn’t it?
to 6. that i also can relate to. can be annyoing

I like Number 3. Wish you could just click and move to accomplish thin in MixConsole.

Don´t think so.
MB is a great tool, I use MB 24/7.

Hint: you can build your own MB (!) with smaller space, simpler handling, file search, own files, etc.


I have assigned a key command to the duplicate track option, but it still duplicate the content too. How do I only duplicate the track?

if I make a key command for the duplicate track without data, it just deletes the data on the track and does not duplicate it.

There is already a macro that will duplicate a track, and then delete the data. If you go into “File->Key Preferences”, then click the “Show Macros” button, a list will appear at the bottom of the dialog window. In that list of Macros should be “Duplicate Selected Tracks without Data”. Assign it to a shortcut key. It works, I tested it.

The macro performs the following:
Project - Duplicate Tracks
Automation - Delete Automation of Selected Tracks
Track Versions - Delete Inactive Versions of Selected Tracks
Edit - Select All on Tracks
Edit - Delete

Also, if you are using the shortcut key “CTRL+SHIFT+D”, then you are only creating a new “track version” by copying the current track. If you go to the “TrackVersions” tab, you will see them.