the first waltz !

track length : 3 mins
genre : waltz music

feedback would be appreciated
I called it waltz cause it sounds like one … I don;t really have enough music theory knowledge to verify it’s genre … but feedback would be awesome! cheers

It’s nice. I’d do something to liven up the percussion a little, though. It seemed to hold things back a bit after a while. Maybe something other than a conventional drum kit? Maybe just taking it out and putting it back in for a few measures. It might make it a bit more dramatic.
Not sure if you listened to my track here called Life’s Work, but you might get an idea of what I mean from that.

Here’s another 3/4 time tune I didn’t share here that’s on my bandcamp and soundcloud page. It’s a French Musette.

Not sure if you’ll like either tune, but they’re “feel-wise” similar to yours, so thought you might get an idea from them.

they were nice. will do some experimentation as you said… I really need a drum guy to give me suggestions on almost all my track :smiley: s. it only means it’ll take more time till I get a grip on percussion.
thanks a lot

I couldn’t disagree with Swetch about the percussion. Excepting that, I was hearing a nice theme for a film score. So I liked it.

Thanks bro
I changed it a bit
couldn’t find another drum line since it had to be waltz timed
but added some little additions to the percussion as you two good gentlemen suggested.

by the way it seems sound cloud doesn’t update a track when the author updates it … that is if you have listened to the previous version before and it’s been “cashed” in your phone.
a re-installation fixes it but it’s a bug I didn’t expect from SC

Hey Masoomi, after your post, I wasn’t sure if I was listening to the right version! I just listened again. Honestly I don’t remember what I listened to before. Maybe you changed the percussion. If you did, it is still very basic, that is, it repeats itself from beginning to end. But I still like the track. Let me know if I’m listening to the wrong version.

thanks for listening to it again dude
yes I added percussion in the second part and the third part. it’s not much but it’s better I think…
please try this link

Hey, I couldn’t get that link to play, unfortunately. Well just keep them coming Soundcloud still works.

sorry then… be sure to check out my newest track… I’d really like to hear your thoughts on it mate.
congrats on your album btw