"The following file is already opened in WaveLab Pro. You cannot use that name."


I’m getting quite a few instances where I get the error “The following file is already opened in WaveLab Pro. You cannot use that name.” when recording or rendering files. The file that is supposed to be open in Wavelab definitely isn’t. In a lot of cases the file was deleted so doesn’t even exist. Quitting and restarting Wavelab cures the problem and allows me to carry on.

Are you really using WaveLab 10.0.10? This problem was fixed in this version.

Yes, using the latest version. The problem happens for me when recording to a track in a montage. If I need to record a new version and wish to overwrite the previous file then I get that error message when hitting ‘record enable’.

This is because the file is still opened for the undo system. However, you are not the 1st one to complain about this and an improvement should be found.

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Ah, ok. I thought it might be something like that. As a solution, it appears that I can manually delete the entry (and the recording) in the history and carry on. However I think if Wavelab could ask me if its ok to overwrite file which would then override the undo history.


I have the same problem in version 10.0.20, but it is only when you use the option for replacing clips with rendered files that there is a problem.

Otherwise it works okay to just remove the opened file in WL and render new version.
Then you will get a warning and the option to overwrite the previous file.

But as you say, a good alternative could be to have WL ask if it is ok to both “undo history” and overwrite the previous file, if you want the “replace file” option enabled.


I seem to be getting this message pop up with 10.0.5. Example:

Create a montage to master an album. Render out the tracks then create a new montage with the mastered files. Decide I need to make a change so close the mastered montage, make changes then attempt to create new files. Rather than get a pop up saying “The following files exist - are you sure?” I get “The following file is already opened in WaveLab Pro. You cannot use that name.”

The file(s) in question definitely are not open in Wavelab anywhere.

Still happening in 10.0.70.

I have a .wav file that I cannot split into .wav files at track markers, no matter what I try. No matter what destination directory I choose, or whether I specify a file name or folder name, or instead choose “Create Additional Folder Named as Source File,” I get either the message in the subject of this post, or “The following destination file name is used twice in the process, the operation cannot continue.”

This occurs even if I restart Wavelab, or save to an entirely different drive, or with a completely different file name.

This is absurd.

Please describe a step-by-step procedure that leads to this situation.

I have the same thing in Elements 10.xx all versions

  1. I name a pcm file captured via a recording xyz.
  2. I realise that name is wrong and save it again as abc
  3. I close all open files
  4. I capture a new file and try to save it as xyz and get the error message

If you record in the montage, you need to close the montage too.

I think I can explain what is happening in the case of splitting an audio file into smaller files by CD track markers.

The problem happens if the user selects the option to name each track by its marker name and one of the markers has no name.

If one of the markers does not have a name, then Wavelab gives it one: the name of the original file itself! It then tries to save the newly-split new file with that name, and this creates a naming collision. Depending on how the other auto-split settings are arranged, there could also be a new folder that is created with the same name.

I think that an easy test would be to load a .wav or .aiff file into Wavelab, add a couple of CD track markers (including a start marker, please) and then Process > Auto Split. See if I’m right.

I have also seen Wavelab insert the file name as the marker name while the user is editing the marker. I’m not sure what combination of keystrokes does this, because I’ve never done it intentionally. But, when auto-splitting, the same naming collision would occur.

Since Wavelab is generating the conflicting file (or marker) name, perhaps it would be better if Wavelab added a suffix like -# or -auto_split_# – replacing the # with 1, then 2, 3, etc. – when this situation arises?