The Forrest Gump of UIs

Overall, I have found the latest version of Cubase (7.0.6) to be relatively stable and workable. I have come to terms with all the idiosyncrasies the C7 build introduced except for one.

The Mixer view I get when opening any given Project. It is like the Forrest Gump of UI’s: You never know what you’re gonna get.

If there is one thing I’d love Steinberg to “fix” before we get hit with a paid upgrade, it is C7’s ability to open a Project with a consistent Mixer view. One that isn’t shrunk to fetal size or stretched to max or missing tracks, text or rack slots. And actually responds and resets to saved Workspaces properly.

This is about the only thing I’ve ever wanted to vent on about this program….and so I have. It just drives me nuts.

Because of inconsistancies I had never used workspaces in C6/6.5.

Then when C7 arrived I tried them again and they seem to work well.

However with each update (.01/.02 etc) the behavior started to change again
and once again became inconsistent.

So I no longer use workspaces. Too bad because when they work,
(project to project) they are IMHO a marvelous/time saving feature.


No issues here. Mixer’s always the same as I left it.