The Fresh New Design - shades of gray ??!!

It’s on the FTP site. The link is in another thread. I don’t have it handy where I’m at right now.

let’s hope not …

Yes, that’s what I’m wondering too.

Of course, we can still color code the tiny space at the bottom of the channel strip --> this is the individual track color. I can see it in the screenshot.

But what about the grey area around the fader ? Is it colorable as well, or does it remain grey for all the tracks ? It used to be coloured by default with different colors for audio, group, fx channels etc.

If it remains grey this is really annoying, Cubase’s mixer was confusing, but now it’s even worst. I think I could skip C6 for that reason alone.

will have a gander now :smiley:

otherwise we have a good campaign subject for Cubase 6.1

This new “behaviour” of the mixer makes me wanna cry.

Why ?

I don’t deserve it… :frowning:

Looking in the manual and comparing it to the old manual, it seems this might be the case.

A lack of identifying colour for track type on the fader background could cause me to throw my toys out of the pram…and wait till it’s sorted in 6.1!!

There is the option “Use color for similar tracks”. Is it this you asking for?

I agree 100%. This looks like a nightmare.

No. that’s for assignable colour strips around the channel name. we are talking about the fader background which in C5 is by default and unalterably coloured differently dependant on track type.

If this option brings back the colors around the fader, then it’s what I’m looking for.

If it’s only the color at the bottom at the channel strip --> it’s even worst than what it used to be IMHO.

Indeed :sunglasses:

… and what Ian errr patcub said.
Answers coming too fast :neutral_face:

bye, Jan

Well, as this was an old favorite flogging ground of mine on the old forum :mrgreen:

This could be another step in eliminating Group and FX tracks, as there is almost no real difference anymore. I always maintained that they were ridiculous to begin with. If the only difference in functionality is the background color of the faders, it would seem more of a channel preset thing, than a “track type” thing. If the only difference between a track type is that you remove functionality of the basic track type, then it isn’t really a different track type. It’s just a statically pre-configured basic track.

The best work flow in my opinion is to let us save channel presets and have them show up in the add-track dialog.

I see. No, the background is grey by default, you have only different colors on the channel name. But I still find it easier to the eyes because the color coding is clearer now. At least to me.

Sooo …

Where’s Dave ??

Whatever man. I want the colors back in order to distinguish easily Instrument, audio, FX tracks etc.

If you read what I wrote again, you would see that I WANT it too. But, it should be a track preset issue … i.e. click on the fader and set fader background color. Then you save that as a channel like “My Drum Group”. Now when you do “add track” you get
Audio Track Drop Down-
My Drum Group

OK let’s start the campaign !

Ok my bad :blush:

I agree 100%. This is a nightmare. I can already imagine myself in front of 70 grey tracks, looking for the group I just created, then looking for the audio track I was working on before. Everything mixed up.

This is workflow killer.

Bye bye C6.