The future of cubase and how it,s windowed

That does not happen here with my dual-monitor setup. This tells me it is not Cubase which is at fault. Perhaps your vid card and/or driver is the problem?

Chiming in, I don’t think it is. I’ve experienced this gazillions of times on gazillions of different machines.

I think the main problem is not the general approach, it’s just that random resizing of some windows occurs at unpredictable times. Just today (on 6.0) my audio edit window suddenly resized to something like 6000x5000 for no appearent reason. Well, I might have opened some GA1 GUI at some point, but I certainly never told any window to resize at all.

In spite of everybody pointing at Windows 7 (or saying “that’s by design”) I still don’t see how this can be either desirable or proper Windows 7 behaviour. Also, I have never seen any other program do that, so unless someone explains to me why I would want my windows to randomly resize, I still consider this a BUG.

Which could possibly be handled within the present window design. But then again, as long as this madness stops, they can do whatever suits the purpose (single window, docking windows, whatever).

+ 1 ! and: including myself!

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Scaleable too like H4 and WL7 please :smiley:



1 window as option, please!

A 1 window setup would be a disaster, IMO. I use a variety of other pieces of software, and any 1-window setups do not work as flexibly as Cubase’s setup. BUT I have to echo the posters above who have had problems with window sizing issues - a lot of the kids I teach suffer from ‘runaway window syndrome’ - it’s not something I ever have on my DAW at home, but it is something that I see on a regular basis, so it does happen. Time spent on this would fix issues users have, IMO, without making it into the hideously frustrating experience something like Logic is.

I have a dual-monitor system, so I don’t know if that makes things worse, but I constantly, as in literally every time I bring up a VST UI, have to reposition and resize project windows in Cubase so that various controls aren’t hidden off-screen.

Don’t the weird window effects disappear when you set the view of i.e. the mixer ‘to front’?

I’m pretty sure we’ll have the option to dock windows in C7… just like Halion 4, Wavelab 7, Sequel, etc…

Yes, dockable like Wavelab is nice, but I hate the multiple workspaces/ screens approach of Wavelab. There’s a Control window, a Wave edit window and a Montage window, of which I always want the control window together with either Wave or Montage at the same time, but in the Windows task bar they show as three separate windows (obviously) and I’m always ALT-TABbing twice to get it the way I want.

Someone sent me a PM saying I could make my Cubase windows “always on top” but I don’t know what that meant. (I know of the Windows “always on top” ability, but I don’t think that’s what this person meant… especially since that’s been mostly deprecated in current Windows versions.) The user hasn’t replied back yet. Is there a way to sort of lock windows into their current state?

In most programs, I maximize document windows routinely, but if I do that in Cubase and then do something like edit a setting in a VSTi, Cubase will un-maximize my project window and shift it an inch or so off to the left of the screen.

No wonder you’re having problems!

Cubase Rule #1: Never maximize any window!
This has been discussed many times on this (and other) forums. If you want a window full screen, draw the edges all the way out once and you’re done. Cubase will always remember the window’s last setting.

Oh no, I’ve learned my lesson there, and don’t try to maximize internal Cubase Windows anymore. I’m still always having to fiddle with the widths and positioning of my project windows, though.

I do think my multi-monitor display setup does play a part here, because I’m always SHIFT+WINDOWS+LEFT/RIGHTing to flip apps around to different monitors, or WINDOWS+UPping to maximize apps, depending on what I’m doing. Cubase just seems to get a lot more confused than other apps I use.

EDIT: Also, even if we’re trained ourselves not to maximize Cubase document windows, isn’t this still Cubase’s fault? Why should it spontaneously change Window positioning/sizing at all?

I would prefer they just do the windowing like its done on the Mac version. SO much more elegant…AND simultaneously better support for multiple monitors.

I guess they must be just using an OS provided API calls in both cases, because it makes no sense to support two entirely different code bases (beyond translating API calls)…

Please do NOT implement single window with sociable widgets. That’s good for laptop users and anyone else with a single small screen. Hell, the problem with the Win GUI IS the single window format–they just lack the ability to dock. On the Mac version, they all free float like Mac apps have as long as I’ve used Apple OSs.

I vote for current windows, but with the option to dock them like the Sonar X1 “skylight ui” does it – best of both worlds. Sonar X1 is look pretty darn good, actually.

“In most programs, I maximize document windows routinely, but if I do that in Cubase and then do something like edit a setting in a VSTi, Cubase will un-maximize my project window and shift it an inch or so off to the left of the screen.”

Yes, that´s exactly what happens here and drives me nuts. But I hate to let the window unmaximized: it´s just so ugly. Since I come from Samplitude, I know that there are solutions to avoid the constant maximizing/unmaximizing, even without dockable windows. Though dockable would also be nice: I love Sonar X! one for its docking solutions.

Random window resizing even occurs without maximizing anything.

And the point has been made: what’s wrong with maximizing? Imagine Cubase would crash every time I push both mouse buttons at the same time, wouldn’t that be a BUG?

So please stop the resizing madness in C7, no matter which technical approach you choose. No window should EVER resize unless I specifically resize it myself. It’s as simple as that.

And it would be fine if we had “All Windows On Top”- like Pool, MediaBay, Editors… etc. etc.

Maybe thats the reason why they have to do a completly new “window-system” thinking they had allready done if it would be possible. So a Multimonitor docking onewindow thing must be there, i work on 4 screens and its quiet cool, with “allways on top” but the windows inside the Cubase Window sucks, we don’t mind because we are used to and love the windows, but days changing and today the computer has to be smarter 10 years ago. :mrgreen: