"the future of music " According to Steinberg!

And I thought it was a frog in pain ( excuse me but I feel like laughing and rolling around on the floor).

No seriously… the “future of music” is here…


No more Cubase updates for me then?


Why ‘According to Steinberg’? :question:

That isn’t SB’s channel, nor did they upload that vid anywhere. Confused.

Interesting instrument.

SteinbergTV (On Steinberg’s Youtube channel) did a spotlight on it today.
Still doesn’t make it “according to Steinberg”

But still,
It’s an Instrument.

Why couldn’t the OP just make a point about not liking new technology with dragging Steiny into this? No relation at all. Its like saying “I don’t like the way that mule looks, I’m never going to the race track again”.

I bet on that mule all the time. :mrgreen:

Fair points here - i just find it funny :slight_smile: shouldn’t snipe really oooops