The Future of Sound is Upon US! SKYFALL!

Hey everybody. I’m re-posting an announcement from my production partner Amadeus e.d.p. that he put on KVR. It’s about a NEW Synth Workstation based on HALion…SKYFALL

Greetings everyone and happy holidays from Michigan!

My name is Amadeus e.d.p. I am the Executive Leader/Sound Designer for SpiderWerks DSP Hausen. Yes…It’s a crazy name. Why be normal!! :D

So… after 7 LONG years…and I do mean LONG years…We are nearing the launch of the DreamStation SkyFall Synthesizer/Workstation!!! It is built on the HALion 6 Platform.

It is the WORLDS FIRST and only VST synthesizer (to my knowledge) that includes a SUPER DAC. The SUPER DAC is a separate program that captures the audio stream from SkyFall for further clarity and punch that I feel exceeds any synthesizer I have personally ever heard. Hardware OR software.

It’s also contains the worlds FIRST “pre mastered” library of over 2,300 sounds that uses MASSIVE parallel sound streams . I will offer more information about this as we near product release.

It also is the only workstation (again to my knowledge) who’s library has NATIVE SURROUND SOUND programmed into it’s preset library.

It is also the worlds first synthesizer that has 4 “Warp Cores” in addition to the output of the synthesizer’s parallel audio streams. The Warp Cores use what we call “DSP HIVE” processing. They are activated via the sends available on each synth audio lane. At this time, we call them:

  1. Super Sky (adds super high end frequencies to the the parallel audio streams generated by SkyFalls oscillators.

  2. Sky (adds secondary high frequency content to SkyFalls oscillators.)

  3. Body (adds non boomy midrange to the audio streams)

  4. Gravity (adds non boomy low end boost beyond what eq is able to achieve.)

The goal here was to put LIBRARY SOUND QUALITY above ANYTHING ELSE. No filler sounds. We created more than 10,000 sounds- over the span of 7 years and only the best 2,333 sounds made the cut. The rest were deleted.

I will be doing sound comparison with the best synths available from other developers and I will post them on Youtube soon! I am confident you will be surprised what we were able to accomplish. Stay tuned!

Take care everybody and have a Super Amazing Christmas!

Amadeus e.d.p
SpiderWerks DSP Hausen

This promo he did is only 5 INSTANCES of SkyFall! No mixing of the individual tracks. No eq or external effects other than the SuperDac.

This thing craps all over my Integra!