the future of steinberg controllers

how satisfied are you with your cmc controller.

in the beginning when the cmc was introduced i saw some post on some random site,s.
people saying that the where not satisfied about the outcome of the cmc controller.
the cmc controller looking like a toy and people wanting a bigger controller.
what is the opinion ride now ant are there still things that steinberg needs to work on.

I am satisfied with it. Works, looks and feels very good.

Cmc-ai is a bit of a fail for me, as i have ongoing problems getting it to acknowledge/work with 3rd party vst3 plugins like Steinberg states it does.


I heard about that problem and highly recommend the QC.
You also only have to leave your cursor on a parameter, press the
learn button on the QC, move the hardware knob and that’s it.
Plus you have eight knobs which are very useful to tweak stuff plus
the parameter is locked to the knob 'til you make it learn an other one.

Best regards.

Yeah but they are just basic quick controls.

Simply put…the product i bought does not work the way it was advertised…it’s that simple.


Well, buying Steinberg hardware is always a buyer beware situation. The history has been to create and vacate. These controllers are are actually OKish. But, it depends on what you want to do with them. I have a CH and QC. I’ve disconnected both and put them in the closet. Here are a few observations:

CH: Using the computer keyboard is way faster. The only way I think this would not be true is if you ditch the keyboard and get a big bank of controllers. If you are even moderately competent using your keyboard the CH is a waste.

QC: Among other annoyances, the lack of a toggle for fine mode makes this unit useless for performance automation. Every time I want to use it, I need 2 hands. Which is very difficult when also trying to play a synth/keyboard.

In essence these are good ideas. However, the implementations of each of the controllers seems to be lacking in some fundamental way that makes them significantly less than optimal. The lack of meaningful updates is worrisome.

I’m overall satisfied. I guess it depends on what your needs are.
For me these things works better than the other equipment I had before.
Which was only a Master Keyboard with its knobs and stuff that I used with the GR.
But that doesn’t mean that it’d be the best choice for everybody.
I guess the best way to make sure if those controllers fit you, is to
try them at a local store. That’s what I did and I don’t regret buying them.

I agree with you on this for most equipment but…the problem with trying the Cmc-Ai at a local store or whatever is realistically the chances of them having all the plugins you own installed on their shop system is very unlikely.

So you have to take the product at its advertised word until you get it home and if you buy some new plugins in the future that its supposed to work with, and it doesn’t, too bad because you may have gone past your return date.


Looking forward to the next controller design from Steinberg.

Hopefully with 8 faders, well built, well designed display/metering LEDs, with nicely designed real faders I can grab, and move, smart-function knobs, buttons, … and much more. Just one USB cable to plug into my computer, and easy to setup, just Plug the USB cable, and you are good to mix, and control.

I passed on the CMC series.

Bottom line… I Just need one professional looking controller surface from Steinberg, not a whole bunch of plastic small modules.


In my case I like that these controllers are lightweighted and small.
So I can split 'em up and take the ones that I need for a recording with me.
And about the one-cable-thing… There are cheap USB hubs on the market that
actually do a pretty good job. I hope they will keep up the thought of modular controllers.
I really like 'em and use 'em all the time.

The new interfaces and controllers in co-op with Yamaha are very good.
There are a lotta positive critics about them in the web now and as I use 'em
myself I can approve that.

But still… I gotta say you’re right. There should be another huge controller
for larger studios that provides the features that are needed there.
But I hope they keep up the CMC product line, too.

Best regards

i just bought it and it seems a waiste of money
gona return it tm

Give it a chance and work with it at least at one project.
Which one did you buy?

qc,fd and ch and upgrade to cubase elements.
but i already saw qc isnt supported and FDis partly supported

is there anything special i need to do inside of cubase to get this working?

How can you buy an upgrade to elements?
Isn’t it already the lowest of all versions???

you get a free version when u buy the hardware, then u can upgrade to elements for 40 euro

should these controllers work without any setup in cubase?

They actually do in my version of Cubase.
There’s nothing to configure. But you should
install the latest drivers and I guess there was
a firmware update. But have a look at the specs on
the product page. Maybe there’s a list of the supported
features in the different versions.

when i click the + sign in device setup and click a unit it doesnt add it

when i try a firmware update it says: cmc not detected

when i connect em 1 by 1 im able to upgrade firmware.
gona test it again

You have 'em on a hub? The bus power isn’t strong enough
to power three of 'em. Should be at least a hub with an extra
power supply. Try to connect just one at the usb port of your computer
and see if it works.

it switched them to a powered hub and its working fine after upgrading the firmware.

Nice. Have fun! :slight_smile: