The future of the CMC's?

Is there any continous development in software features for the CMC modules?
I get the feeling these units walk the same path as the CC121, reading between the lines… but…

I think there is more room to make these units even better, even though i found out that 1 big thing on my wish-list is already there, although finnicky to use… also i didn’t find any info in the manuals about it? But maybe i’m just stupid :slight_smile:

Touch-selecting a track from a FD-module for editing instead of the much, much slower up/down-arrow of the CH-module… but as stated, a bit finnicky to use and rely on using the “SHIFT”-button… if Relative mode is implemented i think the problem will be solved… but also it would be very nice to Lock Hig-res mode for the faders, especially when in final mixing stage of a project you don’t want to tap a fader by mistake and ruining a perfect balance.

Other things i would see is:
(EDIT: I read JMCecil’s post about locking the SHIFT-button, but i wan’t to bump this feature )

  1. Being able to lock the AI-knob to the controlroomsection instead of the masterbus
  2. I’ve been ranting about this one before, but being able to open and assign plug-ins to inserts on different channels would be HUGE.
    Also opening VSTi’s in the rack ofcourse.

Now i’m successfully using the CMC’s together with a Novation controller ( Automap) but it’s not quite the same as it would be with a native function.