The "Good job" thread

This thread is only for offering a “Job well done!” in an environment where it gets taken for granted or drowned out.
Feel free to tack on your thanks to someone for a job well done.
If you want to complain about something, please start your own thread or join one of the existing campaigns.

I had a licensing issue with the Cubase AI that came free with my new UR44 and Alexandra Auvinen not only replied, but fixed the issue in less than 24 hours.
Good job!


Good to hear. I’ve only ever had to go to Steinberg support once, and they were able to help me right away.

How do you like the UR44? Thinking that may be my next interface.

Did you really do 418 carrier landings? That’s impressive.

I am really happy with the UR44 so far. I had the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and was happy with it in general but I really like a few of the upgrades with the UR44.
Having it’s own power supply is big because I would get annoying pops in the monitors occasionally with the 2i2 if the driver reset or if I forgot to turn off the speakers before shutting down or restarting, etc. Basically anything that caused a momentary cut in power to the USB bus. The UR44 is dead quiet when I unplug the USB cable, restart, shutdown, etc. The Cubase integration is very nice and the dspMix app (for use in Windows) also offers very nice control.
The built in amp simulations, reverb, compression, and EQ are also all very nice but, of course will never replace my Mark V!
As far as the carrier landings, I was a pilot in the U.S. Navy but retired a few years ago.

I remain highly impressed. My dad was a navy flyer.

The guy who’s is making those tutorial video’s for Halion 6 on the youtube vst channel is doing a very good job.
Can’t wait untill he covers the screenhandling (automatic updating the screen) with the waveformdisplay in relation to the sample start and endpoints. (when you load in a new sample in the zone)

kind regards,

I’d like to recognize Greg Ondo in this topic. For years he’s been creating great instructional videos, doing the Club Cubase thing in Google Hangouts… top notch.

If you read in here Greg… Thanks :sunglasses:

Yes, indeed.

Good job on hosting the forums and moderating them well.


Have to admit i wouldn’t fancy it :blush:

Good Job on the LE Functions, which, after two years, I think I’m finally starting to understand thanks to the help from SteveinChicago and Martin.

The copy, extract functions of the LE are so helpful for taking notes from one track and easily distributing them to other tracks.

Screen shot showing success! Good !@#$ing Job Cubase!
Logical Editor Functions.png

I always dread coming onto this forum when I seek advice, it’s so full of gloom and doom. Honestly, Cubase has be solid for me since C7…now on 9. Have scored everything from TV commercials, international live theatrical productions, two feature length films, and numerous other projects. Sure, there’s the odd crash, but other than that it’s been awesome. I ran Cubase 7 on both PC and Mac, and C8 & C9 are on Mac (Windows slave).

Regarding support…never had an issue in the handful of times I’ve had to request support.

It boggles my mind when I see the same old users ranting about bugs, and blah blah blah…yet they continue with Cubase. I wonder if they ever find the time to actually create music?

Thanks for that. I would also have to say that, all things considered, I am very happy with my Steinberg products. Of course, they aren’t perfect but, I enjoy using them and I am happy with the results.

The threads that go – “I’ve been using Cubase for 10 years and can’t stand it,” or the one that go – “I’ve been using Cubase for 10 weeks and know it’s no good” – always make me laugh.

Thanks for posting and good luck with your work.

Really. Cubase is the DAW we love to hate.

Or some hate to love :confused:

My precious

The arranger track system in Cubase is a total knock out. The more I use it, the more a realize how powerful it is. Using it has improved my understanding and appreciation of music and sound design. In addition, it is a tremendous productivity booster, as well.

I would like to say ‘good job’ and thanks to all the forum members who helped me in the past while using Cubase…you’ve no idea how much I appreciated it!!

+1 – They lead the way. :slight_smile:

Good Job on Control Room.

I’d never used it fully and didn’t understand it. But, as I got better at basic Cubase, I realized I was “ready” for it. This week I switched it on and within a few minutes I had it working very well. Control Room is a great feature, it is adding many refinements to my work flow patterns.