The good old 80s


We started on the Mac for sequencing in 1986, Performer, had more hair then, was thinner too :laughing:


There is a full one hour Chick Corea Workshop video from the same period were is uses the MAC. I saw it in a music shop in Denmark when the DX7 Mark2 was released. It is a more in depth tutorial than this one.

The MAC and DX’s were used by Chick to their full potential in his ELEKTRIC BAND.

I never know how he ever manages to play so well on them damn awful tiny DX100 keys!? lol



Great video even though Macs are Satan. :slight_smile:

Those were the days when technology was exciting and was evolving to bring us real improvements in workflow and expanding horizons.

Those days are now gone. New software releases are now done for the sake of it and any new features are just for the sake of adding new features. And of course the usual new batch of bugs and instability.

Even the exciting evolution of music itself based upon new technology has come to an end also. Look at the differences in genres and music production between decades, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. each decades had a completely new flavour. how is 2010s much different to 2000s ?