The Grace Period process has not been completed

Hello Steinberg :slight_smile:

The Grace Period process has not been completed.
“I can never get E-mail for Access code”

I have Cubase Pro 11 (Grace Period Eligible) and
As you know, 12 has just become stable, so in order to use it, I upgraded to 12 using the grace period of my Cubase 11.

As we know, I ran a Grace Period check in Steinberg Activation manager and my license was marked as available for upgrade to 12, so the “UPDATE” button was enabled (thanks Steinberg).


This is where the problem starts.
When i press the "Update button, will see “Get ready for Cubase Pro 12
You’re almost done. Check your email account (also the spam folder) now. Look for an email from Steinberg with a Download Access Code and a download link. Follow the instructions to get started.”

A new page of messages will appear.
Everything seems to be working out just fine! but

“I am not receiving any emails”

I tried about 20 times going back and forth between my Mac and Windows to trying
but i never will not receive any emails. I was worried that I might have mistaken the email address, so I checked it several times and also checked for spam. Apparently the email didn’t arrive.

(What’s more interesting is that I used to be able to get this type of service directly through Steinberg, but now I can only get support through a local reseller in my country. They were friendly, but they were more concerned about the license than me, a long-time user. There seemed to be a lack of understanding. Above all, I have not been able to receive any action even after about a month. There is not even clear contact information on their website. I am curious and frustrated if they are willing to solve our problem.)

“Is there any way I can use my Cubase 12?
Is there a way for me to receive an email with my download access code?"

Few Months have passed without me receiving any resolution to the problem from either the head office or the local reseller. Could you please listen to my problem?

PS: For your information, I also have Nuendo’s license. Its grace period has worked and is working very well. I don’t understand!

Have a nice day! Thank you for reading this long post!

Thank you. I will.

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