The Grand 3.1.0 64bit latency issue


i recently purchased The Grand 3.1.0 with the valentins day offer. I work on Windows 7 64bit and Cubase 8.5.15 in 64bit.

I noticed that The Grand 3 is not compensated for latency at high buffer settings (2048 samples with 48ms in/out latency) in cubase. The Audio is delayed exactly by the output latency of the Asio Driver. I have to manually compensate in order to have it in time.

The version history says something about this issue in combination with the convolution reverb has been fixed. However i don’t use the convolution reverb.

Can someone confirm this?

Ok i have to correct myself. I had the convolution reverb selected but not activated. No matter its activated or not but just selected the Audio is delayed expecially at high buffer settings. This Issue supposed to be fixed since version 3.0.1 according to the version history. But its still there in Version 3.1.0 on my machine :confused: