The Grand 3.1 update available

Today, Steinberg releases a new update for the world’s most authentic virtual piano suite, The Grand 3. The brand-new 3.1 version adds 64-bit support for Mac platforms, as well as several workflow and performance improvements.

The Grand 3.1 is now available as a free download for existing users from the Steinberg website.

Nice …

However I Have One Question …
Does it now support Note Expression 2 ???

Exactly the same question here???

If it would it would be announced, I assume…


Is it also for grand se trial ?


reply to my message :slight_smile: yes , it’s work for trial also !


Hi guys.
I just did a complete reïnstall of all my software on a new 32-bit Windows 8 computer.
The 3.1 update has been downloaded, but when I double click it, nothing happens.
Any idea what might be going wrong?
It wouldn’t be because I only have an SE-license, would it?

Got the same problem- I double klick the update, nothing happens ! Anyone an Idea ?

same problem here, what’s going on?


Please what about GRAND 3 SE ???

I agree with the above. Any info? Please help customers know whether to stay or leave G3SE.

Ditto :heart: GrandSE - would be nice if there were an upgrade path to full Grand or some more pianos for SE.

This is apparently now available! ?

…on a piano…??.. I’m a dumb guitarist please explain? I don’t see modulation/bend as piano-like?

The update doesn’t work!!!

I’ve been using 3.1 since it came out with no problems on Mac. You should put your system info in your signature so people know what you’re trying to run it on.

Same for me - 3.1 update does not work for me either. Double click application and just doesn’t do anything at all.

Any response from Steinberg on this?

I’ve run into the same problem – nothing happens when I execute the 3.1 update. On Jan. 7, 2016, I contacted Steinberg for assistance. I’ll relay any help they offer.

Wow, I’ve only just come on board with this and there’s still no download or fix.
Has anyone had a response yet?

Update for anyone experiencing similar problems.

I found if I close my web browser and start the process again, I can then continue with the following parts dmg file download.
Strange, I know, but it works…

I have a licence for the SE 3 version and have not been able to get it to work since updating cubase. There seem to be patches for the full version. Does anyone know if there are patches available for the SE version?