The Grand 3 and Steinberg amazing support.

Hi Everyone,
I am a Nuendo user, I bought in dec 2014 The Grand 3. It is a download buy only. Unfortunately for some reason I didn’t get a download link. The purchase appears in my steinberg’s product list ( I already activate it ) but I can’t manage to download the file. From here it starts a long n painful series of emails n wondering around the steinberg’s web site seeking for help. I find Steinberg’s support to be unhelpful n time consuming at least. They keep telling tell me that the download link is in my My Steinberg site but it is not. I never get to have an email conversation with anyone to don’t mention a tel number to call around the world. What I get are automatics reply, if the problem is not solved contact the Tech support which link me to a yamaha page with a list of countries for distributors , no email or contacts but yet another web page containing only City’s addresses :frowning:
I am exhausted!!
I paid for something I cannot get, it seems. Any ideas? Suggestions?
HJ n Fab

Download link can be found from e-mail which is sent you when bying products online. There’s also a special password with which you must log in using your own account name.

I had the same problem, didnt find the link until I carefully reviewed my receipt e-mail. Just check it out.

I feel your pain. I was sent the links 2 months ago which failed to install-- they sent ISO links but those failed to mount–still don’t have it installed and support has ignored me for 2 motnhs-- I finally asked for a refund but they denied that because I installed the license.