The Grand 3 installed, not working

Hi folks. I’m using Cubase Artist 7.0.6 and after my trail expired of The Grand SE, i purchased The Grand 3 (full version), installed it, activated the license, activated maintenance on the elicenser, and checked that my licensers where all valid and as they should look on both the elicensor and on MySteinberg. All good, so i thought, until i tried to load The Grand 3 instrument in Cubase. It creates an instrument track, but doesn’t bring up the instrument window, so i click the edit instrument button, and i get “a serious problem has occurred” dialogue box. Same happens if i try to load it into the instrument rack, and create a midi track…

Now the crazy thing is that i noticed there was also a listing in the instrument options for The Grand SE, whose trial had expired, so i chose it as an instrument and, by crikey, the Grand SE opens up and allows me to use it! WTF?! Obviously i want to use the full version, not the SE version (which i don’t even have a license for,for goodness sake), and have tried everything i can think of to get it to work. Does anyone know of a Grand3-GrandSE conflict, or anything i can try to get this puppy to work?

In this case, something’s probably up with your install. Are you using the admin account the app was installed on?

If your computer is reasonably fast it may be a good idea to try uninstalling and reinstalling the actual Grand 3 app (not the samples) and see if that helps.

Thanks Bane. Just about to do that very thing :slight_smile:

Uninstalled The Grand SE, and The Grand 3, then reinstalled The Grand 3…still getting the same thing :frowning:

Good news.
I found there was an upgrade to 3.1 (though this issue was not listed in the known issues or fixes). Ran the update, ran the elicenser maintenance again after installing the update, and all is looking and sounding good so far grin
Hope this helps anyone else having similar issues :slight_smile:

Ok thought I would join in here. So I have just upgraded from Cubase artist 7 to the full cubase 7 version.

Then i thought hey i will buy the grand SE 3 and symphonic orchestra too. Updated my e-license with the codes in the email - all good. Started Cubase then discovered I had neither SE3 or symphonic.

Firstly I had to download the SE 3 after a bit of hunting. It installed but when I open VST instruments it says I dont have a license??? Pretty sure I just bloody paid for it and have an email with a code that I have just validated.

So now what do I do please?

Also where do i get the Symphonic orchestra download from please?

Thanks all…frustrated.