The Grand 3 installer

Hi there,

multiple problems with the The Grand 3 installer here.

  1. The installer does not check/compute needed harddrive space
  2. You cannot change the output folder for the Grand content

Today I had a customer for whom I was going to install The Grand 3. Downloaded the files and started installing. Problem was that the system gave errors after just one piano type was installed. Never guessed that the customer had a small SSD C drive with not enough space for and the download and the installed files. Found out quite late that his drive was full. After putting the installer files to his D drive, I was able to install The Grand for him.

But while installing The Grand, I could not choose the D drive as the drive for the The Grand content. So it is on his C drive again and his small 120GB C SSD is quite full now.

Maybe you (Steinberg) think you optimated the installer for downloaded files, but several important functions are missing: computing needed drive space and the choice where to install the content files.

I am looking forward to your reply and an updated installer.

No reply from Steinberg so far…

I agree. The Grand 3 installer has caused me many problems for the last few days. Absolute rubbish.

Come on Steinberg. :slight_smile:

PS: Forgot to say. I’d give up getting a reply if I were you. Support replies are rare…