The Grand 3 license for sale

The Grand 3 license for sale

just bought absolute 4 in the sale, and already had the grand, if anyone wants to buy it lemme know (not even sure how you transfer licenses)

That should get you started as far as the procedure goes for the resale of the license.

ah thanks! looks like it cant be “digitally” sold/transferred to someone without buying/shipping a second elicenser dongle… probably not worth the hassle, thanks!

Yeah, they don’t make it easy if it’s on a USB-eLicenser. Especially if other licenses reside there as well. :neutral_face:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your other new “toys”! :sunglasses:

thanks! wishing it was more like ilok that you can sell online/deposit etc.
Oh well ive had the grand for years and got great use out of it… (and still will) sounds better to me than the included pianos in halion (eagle/raven) although they have some interesting presets.