The Grand 3 SE Trial

Ok, I picked up the license for The Grand 3 SE a few days ago during the Valentine’s day promo. But I can’t for the life of me find the trial version anywhere. Can someone point out where the link is?


Me too. This is exactly what happened when i bought the symphonic orchestra activation and had to request a download link from steinberg!!!

as i understand iyoure buying an activbation link for the grand which should have been packaged as a trial in you cubase 6 box,
except i presume like me you upgraded to cubase 6 from 5 hence you have no grand trial installer. (or symthonic orchestra)

i had to be download a massive disc image off steinberg for the symphonic orchestra install as the version with cubase 5 was much older. the iso image the got me to download doesnt include a grand trial either tho.
bad form!

Yup that’s right. I haven’t had a box since C5, just downloaded upgrades. I even went through my C5 installation disc and could not find the trial. Also checked the upgrade installer for C6, also no trial included for TG3SE. The C7 upgrade installer does give you the option to try TG3SE, but if you click on “Try Me” it takes you to the Steinberg homepage. Kinda funny, but not really.

I guess I’ll have to request the disc image link like you did.

if i ever get a reply, ill post the link up here!

dum dum dum.

Get em while theyre hot.

probably a limited time only!

if you cant get hold of it skeet, ill stick my copy in a dropbox for ya.

Same problem here.