The Grand 3 VS The Grand 3 Se

What s the difference between The Grand 3 and The Grand 3 Se ?

The Grand 3 SE is not the full version. Don’t buy it if you intend to get the full version later, because the SE can’t be upgraded :frowning:
I didn’t know and when upgrading to Cubase 6, I also bought the SE to give it a try. And - of course - it was great. Now I want the full version.
I contacted Steinberg and asked how to do it, but it can’t be done. Now I have to buy the full version i addition. Nice :slight_smile:

Åge Fossum

Just to add, if it helps,… I completely recommend The Grand 3 full version. You’ll never look back. Quality bit of kit every step of the way. Sounds just beautiful. Its more than worth the money I guess I’m trying to say…

You are right, of course :wink:

Best regards
Åge Fossum

This smells like a scam, but I am willing to think it is a stupid corporate oversight. You buy from the company in good faith. No where does the site explain SE. So I thought I was buy the full version that is the only thing the entire website details. That it is a Lite version or you cannot upgrade once you’ve invested in their product is nothing short of disrespect for the customer. I hope someone reads this and changes the policy. Otherwise I am headed to one of the many other fine providers of VSTs.

I bought the Grand SE, knowing it was a reduced version of the Grand. I agree, it sounds superb, and I don’t think I could get three similar sounding pianos for £83 UK pounds anywhere else.

I agree, I hope that in due course Steinberg will think about an upgrade path from SE to the full version, for those who want all the pianos on offer.


That is annoying. I just purchased the $100 full license for SE and didnt realize there was a difference. :unamused: :cry:

Guys, just updating the chat here some 5 years later, but it’s now available!

You can upgrade The Grand 3 SE to Full for the exact difference of what you paid in the SE license: 50 EUR.

Cheers :smiley: