The Grand 4?

Can we expect a sequel to The Grand 3 anytime soon? I am planning on purchasing EZ Keys within the next few months, but I wanted to give Steinberg the business if they have a superior product that is better integrated into Cubase. I just thought I might ask since the Grand 3 has been around quite a while, so I’m weary of support for it being discontinued. Thanks guys.


I can’t give you the answer to Grand 4/ However, it’s not really comparable with EZKeys in that EZKEys is fundamentally a compositional tool for piano. Think back to Steinberg’s Virtual Guitarist and transfer to piano and you’ll get the idea.

That’s not to say EZKeys is inferior. It’s not - it’s different. I use it and it’s excellent.

Cool, Wodehouse

Composition is primarily what I would use the instrument for rather than for performance sounds. I just need something with inspirational sounds to keep me thinking. How long has EZ Keys been around; do you know? From what I have read, the EZ Keys also has great sounds as well. So what really sets The Grand series apart from competitors other than the RAM savers and soforth?

EZKeys has been around for a month and is great for composition. However, at present there aren’t as many grooves / piano licks available as I would like. I imagine this is intentional so expander packs can be bought; similar to their Superior Drummer expansion packs.

Now, if Grand 4 had this!

Yes, we are expecting expander packs for the EZ Keys MIDI library. This is no matter for me, as I enjoy composing my chord patterns and sequences from scratch. I really am impressed with the fact that you can randomize your chord progressions until you get what you’re looking for. It sounds good, but I’ll have to trial it to see.

Furthermore, a recommendation to Steiny: Please let us trial your Grand Series. There’s not a chance in this world that I will purchase a VSTi that I haven’t tried. :wink:

Here’s an example.


Well, if I don’t like the way EZ Keys manipulates the notes and soforth, then I will be seriously looking at the Grand series, Ivory, Native Instrument’s Pianos, and Quantum Leap’s Pianos. Still would like a trial for the Grand, though.

Can we have some kind of official word on this please? Marcus? Anyone?

Hi @ all,

there is a The Grand SE 3 Trial in every Cubase 6 Box, which has less Piano Models than the full version.

We don’t have a The Grand 3 Trial available for Download.

Excuse me, i know its a bit offtopic but as i can’t really post anything (even when i bought cubase 6) i wanted to ask about a especific situation.

My problem is that i bought Cubase 6 and im happy with it, but shortly after installed on my pc it died. I know it wasn’t a Cubase problem, my pc was 4 or 5 years old and it was dying but the thing is that i activated all 3 trials that came with my cubase (halion sonic, the grand 3 se and Symphonic Orchestra) and because of that i couldnt test them at all because i could’nt buy a new pc for 2 or 3 months, im a student and i didn’t have the cash for buy another one inmediatly hence i lost my trials

My question is if you can give me new trial licences, because im pretty interested in buying the vsts but i don’t want to buy something that i couldn’t test beforehand

Thanks for your time and i apologize again because of this offtopic. Blessings

4 years since this was initially posted, and still no 4. Anyone have an update on any info?

BTW, I like the pianos.

Could that be the update, referred to here:

Very odd that Steinberg says that it’s not compatible with MacOS 10.12 Sierra.
The Grand 3.1.0 seems to be working just fine with Cubase Pro 9!

I’d really like TG3 to work in stand alone mode as it does as a VST in Cubase 9, specifically it recognises the keyboard after TG3 has been opened.

Would be great to get a development time line from SB regarding any plan and/or/if there will be a release date of “The Grand 4”
I’m also interested in updating to a piano vsti that will stead me through for many years
has it really been that long since a major version change of “the grand” product line … 10years?

I had a scan and read of this email thread, and I could not find if the OP question of any ensuing TG4 release date was ever answered by anyone from SB ?

I notice that TG3 is currently in a promotion (50% off) …
How do I interpret this? =?= (build their TG3 user base, so that when TG4 is announced, there is a larger platform of users that might upgrade )

… going to also have to look and listen at other alternatives.
Has anyone had any experience with either:
VI Labs:Ravenscroft275
Galaxy:Vintage D4

The Grand 4 has never been hinted at by Steinberg. If it’s released anytime soon it will be a total surprise. The closest we’ve gotten to a TG4 is the two new pianos that were recently included with Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3.

On the VST front, we know that they’re working on Halion expansions and a Halion-based FM synthesizer. They’ve also hinted at the possibility of a new version of Steinberg Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Bassist.

thanks for the feedback … would be interesting to see if something happens in FM in H6.
not sure that I would could call Eagle or Raven closer to TG4, if anything, I would call them further away(thinner) than TG3


WOW !! “Vi Labs” - Ravenscroft 275 - is my choice and preference now !!
They are also in summer sale mode at the moment, and it is great value, AND you get 3 installs !!

I wish there would be a new Grand 4 pianos upgrade with newer and higher quality stuff.
That can beat most NI soundbanks.