The Grand Trap

I have just been reading the various topics on the Grand 3 SE and it looks as though I’m the latest victim as I was not aware there was a difference between the two versions.

Basically I have purchased a full license download for the SE, but for now what I would like to know is can the SE version be used in standalone mode and if so how? I don’t have a shortcut on my desktop and I don’t know where to find the Program to create a shortcut.

Still happy, it does have great sounding pianos

Any help would be gratefully received. :smiley:

Hi groovechild,

only the Grand 3 (full version) has a standalone version included.

The Grand 3 SE is only a VST- Plug in.

Thanks Marcus
I was starting to think no one was going to reply.
Thank you for your reply, I will continue to use it as a VST as I do like the piano sounds it comes with.
Do you have the full version of the Grand 3 and if so what are the advantages compared to the SE version?

Thanks again :smiley:

For standalone mode try Minihost (

I have the full version of TheGrand3, but i dont really remember the Grand3se. I tried the trial before purchasing the full version, and i think the differences are that the full version has more Pianos, more Microphone positions and better Quality (24 Bit vs 16 Bit). Not sure about all of these points, just compare the descriptions on the steinberg-site and you will see…

There’s no mention of the SE version on the main website that I can find.
I’m certain you’re right about the 16/24 bit thing and the additional Pianos too…

TG3 is great, I use it all the time.

Hi folks,

I did not want to start a new thread as my questions are an extension of this one here.

I am thinking of purchasing the GRAND 3 SE which is on offer in this weeks half price sale. I can not seem to find anything on it on the Steinberg website at all (just the GRAND 3). Do the above comments in his thread still apply ??

I have Artist 7.5, HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE. I do use my Nord Stage Piano at the moment for such samples but I remember thinking how much better the Piano sounds were on the GRAND 3 when I had access to the trial version.

If the above comments are accurate, is there a noticable difference between 16 x Bit and 24 x Bit ?? And is anyone familiar with the GRAND SE ??

Rather han keep my Nord wired up to my mixing desk and soundcard, I was thinking of having an onboard VSTi to use for all he Piano work.

Thanks guys,


Hi again,

Is nobody able to help here please ??



It’s subjective but yes I do think there is a difference between 16 and 24 bit (otherwise they would not offer both!)

In HSO, the difference is there on solos if you study it, it’s ok for a few layers, once you start really stacking, the sound is just not as clear, it’s that little difference that matters to me at least, it’s like I’m either going to use a clean compressor or a colored one. Subjective.

TG3SE does not have as many Pianos, and less mic positioning. If you weren’t to compare 16 vs 24, in that case I doubt you would question the quality, only when comparing things is it an issue, isn’t it funny how that works?

edit: Where is this sale??

edit: Got it. Never knew anything about it. Shouldn’t ALL SE users get an email?

Thanks a lot Mpayne,

I am happy with what and got and for the price of it.

Why do you call it ‘TG3SE’ please ??

Regarding the ‘stacking’, luckily this is something that is not done with Grand Pianos.



It’s shorthand for The Grand 3 SE.
Actually I have the demo, and was interested in upgrading either to full or to SE. I concluded that the SE version would suffice for the price until another solution comes, Eggs in 2 or 3 baskets ya know? :wink:

No stacking, but big chords, long tails, fast music…
But yeah Piano is one of those things, so harmonic and rich, I don’t think it’s a game changer as far as a beautiful music piece, to use 16 bit, sometimes, I do prefer it (16) alongside other VSTi, as 24/32 bit stuff can sound too perfect, too shiny and clean.

Cheers Mpayne,

I think the full version of the GRAND 3 is totally excellent. If I did not own my Nord Piano I would definitely spend the £300 on it.

What does the ‘SE’ mean at the end of many of the HALion products please ??



Streamlined Edition

just a guess

Thanks Bane.

I was thinking SMALL or SPECIAL edition ??


Hard to be sure, but small or streamlined would both serve as apt descriptions. They’re just lite versions of the real deal.

Hello everybody,

I got the Grand SE and I can find only one acoustic piano, one electric and the upright one. Just to be sure, in the Grand I see 3 grand pianos. Where’s the truth? Am I to push some button…?

Thank you if you can help.


Are you guys seeing the GRAND 3 SE in Cubase 7.5 64 bit? Because Im only seeing it on my 32 bit version. I looked on the 64 bit Cubase and the Grand 3 is not present. I cant find where to down load it either. I downloaded it from asknet during the promotion a few months ago. I too thought it was the original Grand 3 at half price I overlooked putting the promotion code in to get the discount because at 99 dollars, I thought it was discounted. Only later to find, it was a slimmed down version. I was in contact with and Steinberg, for a refund, but they didn’t care to help. Then finally I got a response from a Steinberg employee, Jeff Deno. He asked me to email my invoice, I kept doing it. He claimed he never got it. Then he disappeared. Very bad experience after Ive spent a lot of money with this company. Anyway, now Im trying to find the 64 bit version of the GRand 3 SE. any thoughts? Im ready to lay down tracks.


Hello Steinberg, Where is your support for The Grand 3 SE? I don’t see it for sell anywhere. I don’t see where I can download it.

Activation Code to permanently activate your copy of The Grand SE 3 that came with Cubase or Cubase Artist.

Hello! Where is the 64 bit version of the Grand SE 3? I cant seem to locate it. Thanks!

Can someone at Steimberg help? Ive tried everything, I cant get The Grand SE over to 64 bit. Whats up. I need to complete my studio. Please help.