The Grand Unified Theory Of Fretboard Orientation!

Hi all,
For a while I’ve been recording some ideas on my way of looking at the guitar fretboard and published on YouTube.
If you are interested, please check it out, there’s new content coming regularly now, promised! :wink:

Here’s the treatise that goes with it:!500564&authkey=AIHwFaMqb3Jtvuw&em=2


here it is: Part 4. A little more guitar playing this time around and a little overdone as usual, but I hope you guys can look past that… :smiley:
Comments and tips welcome!


Hi all! Here’s Part 5 finally, which is really the foundation and the actual basic idea behind all of this. I hope it’s useful for somebody!


Let me be the first to thank you for doing this.
Your effort does not go unnoticed, even if this is not being reflected in the number of replies you’re getting.


Y’ all are very welcome!


I’m not a guitar player but this is a very interesting way of looking at the fretboard.
If I ever decide to try guitar I’ll look this up again :slight_smile:


I’ll always be wondrously, jaw-droppingly amazed by folks who can watch these videos and that are not guitar players… :wink:
Thanks!! :sunglasses:


Hi all!

Through the years, a lot of thinking went into my guitar playing, and what started out as a rather rambling, but well-meant Methodics treatise written during my studies at Arnhem Conservatory, got rediscovered a while ago…

After I translated it to English, updated some content, changed some graphics, spent many hours coercing MS Word into numbering the captions correctly and finally correcting the mistakes I could find, here It is:

The Grand Unified Theory Of Fretboard Organization! :slight_smile:!500564&authkey=AIHwFaMqb3Jtvuw&em=2

It describes a system to unlock the guitar fretboard using only 3-note-per-string fingerings, arranged in a logical and easy to remember pattern.
Complementing my series of YouTube clips, but obviously going far beyond those in scope, I might actually produce videos illustrating the exercises contained in the book at one point…

You are allowed to distribute the link and the actual PDF freely, but do not charge for it or misrepresent ownership, please…
Attention publishers: Get in touch…! :wink:

Have fun,

This is great, you put so much work into it!
I picked up an acoustic a few months ago and I was already contemplating going back to your videos soon.
Video examples of the excercises would be great!

Bedankt! :slight_smile:

Reading. Thanks for putting all of this together. Very tasteful playing!

Thanks Sunshy, much appreciated!
Doing my best not to lose sight of the forest looking at all the trees… :wink: