The Great Migration (Remix)

The Great Migration has been remixed for your pleasure.
A race for life, simply.

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Hi Stephane,
Very nice depth to this track now after the remix. It’s got a real sense of motion to it, so you picked a good title for the piece. Everything sounds good to me.

Thank you John. Appreciate, really…

I like this new mix. Very clear with a full range of frequencies. Sounds very good on my speakers.

Hey Leon,
Thanks for your time. Good to hear that you confirm the clarity.
As i was away for 3 weeks from my Cubase production PC, i did a “pre-final” remix before i left and decided to listen to the track once each and every day. The aim was : a) note one of two detail(s) maximum to be fixed (per day, starting from the beginning of the song), b) confirm my previous note from the day before.
Doing so, I was able to finally get like a dozen++ of small things, which i implemented when back home. i did the changes straight forward, preventing myself to reconsider any of the suggested changes…
You just listened to the final result.
Happy you like it ! (as i do too)

Thank you again.

Can’t imagine how you put something like this together, way above my pay grade, really like the percusion in your pieces, this piece has some quite scary sections that would suite a dramatic movie,
very eclectic and impressive my friend.

Hey Knmack,
You are not the only one who told me that my music is “linked” to movies…
I think that one of the reasons why the track gives a “visual” feeling is probably because of the way i compose:
Basically, after choosing a theme (reflected by the title) i simply write down a short story (few lines) which will be my narrative thread. It has to be quite evocative, and at the same time also quite broad for everyone to be able to fit in.
I find out that this “scenario” process helps me a lot, in particular for coherence and movements of the track.
That’s my way to work… anyway.
Thanks again for your kind words… just enjoy!

Another very good mix. I like the space and the dimension occupied by the music compared to the other version. It sounds great in my system. Good work!

Thank you Rene,
To me, it’s another input that I’m working in the right direction.
Take care.