The hardest part of replacing a workstation with software

I’d really like to move beyond my Korg Triton workstation. New workstations are really expensive, so I’d like to move to a mix of software and analogue/VA hardware. Some of this is easy. There are a ton of great hardware synths on the market, and some of today’s softsynths are just absolutely incredible - far beyond what you’d get in a workstation

But even though the Triton is 16 years old and has minuscule memory, many of the sample-based sounds like horns, strings, woodwinds and orchestral stuff are really really good. Modern workstations like the Korg Kronos and Yamaha Montage are even better. Replacing pianos, EPs, and percussion was easy enough, but good string sounds could cost many hundreds of dollars or more. They’re also complicated, hyper-realistic and often have massive sample libraries.

Am I missing something obvious? Are there relatively affordable software packages that get you good bread & butter orchestral/string sounds that don’t require going full Hollywood producer?