The Heat Death Of The Universe.

Hi there, heres one ive had a couple of years and just recently asked a friend to put some bass guitar on ,i programed the drums and played guitar and midi guitar controller for the midi sounds and that’s professor Brian Cox on vox …see what you think.

a sort of jazzy ambient piece of music…nice mood and rather topical at the mo considering we’ve had near miss by one asteroid and another hit Russia…enjoyed it but thought it lacked a “focus” just seemed to drift a bit…a little theme repeated here and there would make the piece more interesting IMHO…but good work and nice guitar playing…Kevin

I really enjoyed your playing. Is that picture a left-handed les paul? The sound you’re getting is really nice. You are a Jeff Beck fan I think, as am I. Very nice recording. I think I recognize the voice of that smiley physicist I see on Science Channel once in a while. You are a good player, thanks for sharing this.

Yeah, this was nice. I hear a Jeff Beck influence as well - and that’s a compliment. He’s a good influence to
have - being one of the most expressive and inventive players out there.
thanks for sharing! I checked out Voodoo Chile, too. Ya got some chops! :sunglasses:

Same thoughts as Kevin, plus I liked the slap sound of the bass parts.

thanks for your reply Kevin ,wasn`t that footage of the meteor spectacular, apparently it was the size of a bus ,I wish our busses would go that fast . I used to get told at school I lacked focus “where was I”…… oh yes. I thought having brian cox narrating now and then was a bit of a theme but I take your point. Ta

thanks for your compliment ,the les paul (copy) is a pic of one my girlfriend bought for me from a car boot sale, she didnt realize it was left handed ,I m right handed ,but play golf left handed .i love jeff beck for his strong melodies and style I was definitely thinking along them lines when I wrote this ,along with a bit of holdsworth style chords thrown in… yes Brian cox is the smiley physicist,i think he is an ok guy, he used to be in a quite successful band at some point .cheers

thanks for the listen lenny , its really good to see someone calling “Voodoo chile “ by its correct name, glad you like Voodoo chile,that’s my girlfriends daughter singing on it.thanks

cheers for the listen , ill tell Richard the bass player hell be chuffed.ta