The High Frontier


This was composed with Halion Symphonic Orchestra. It is my first “orchestral” piece. If anyone notices any glaring mistakes, (or anything they don’t like or like), please let me know! Thanks.

A nice piece and aptly titled but absolutely no bass end…not on my system anyway (in sig) this piece would benefit greatly from a more defined bass, maybe some counter point with Cellos at least…if there is some bass on this piece it needs upping in the mix a lot :slight_smile:

best, Kevin

Hi Shadowfax,

Thanks for the reply. There is some bass and cello, but I must not have used the expressions well enough to bring them out. Do you know if converting to MP3 removes the low end?

Hi, I’ve never really noticed that an mp3 conversion removes the low end, it’s never done that to my stuff, you can upload wav files to Soundcloud(in case you didn’t know) the system is time based not file size based…I think a remix is in order to bring whatever bass is there up a bit…cheers,

Kevin :slight_smile:

Good ideas on the remix and a wave file. Thanks.