The Highlands --- Short Orchestral Composition

Hey fellas, just wanted to drop this off here. I was messing around with writing a Scottish/Viking/Nordic Folk piece and am really happy with it. It’s not super long, really just an idea I was playing around with. Regardless,

Any and all feedback is of course welcome. If you would like to see a longer rendition of this, let me know. If you want a shorter rendition of it, also let me know. If you absolutely think it’s garbage, you can, uh, let me know.

Very Good the feel of the music reminded me of the game “Conan Exiles” “highlands” biome, the drums in the middle part are a bit low on the volume and I think it’s because of the drum choice you have made, instead of snares try Timpani or Taikos , specially after the big break in the middle part. Nice composition overall.

First of all, not garbage! Don’t ever sell yourself short! Change your forum name, for starters! Orchestra samples have gotten really good. I’m just trying to learn about it, and what I hear inspires me.