The Hobbit Soundtrack

On Youtube now

A suite of themes I composed inspired by The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Composed in Cubase6 using LA Scoring Strings, Vienna Dimension Brass, Vienna Special Edition Woodwinds, and Project SAM True Strike/EWQL Storm Drum percussion.

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Nice. :slight_smile: The music seems very apt and well-suited to the theme. Good work!

By the way - I like your brand title sequence on the video. Very cool :sunglasses:

I concur – nice orchestrations (and GREAT title sequence)

Allow me one crit, having done some of this: except the “Misty Mountains” section, the themes in my opinion are not strong enough, in the sense of being memorable and therefore recognizable, identifiable, and repeatable. The music works well as both set-piece and incidental music, however

Hey Blacklight, listening atm. I liked how you kept within the style of LotR with lots of sustained parts and clashing notes for the same kind of colour, they set the mood and tone very well! Same for the arpeggios beginning at 1:20.

I thought the strings overall sounded good, particularly the highest sustained violin notes. But the woodwinds and brass didn’t sound that great, but that’s just half because of the quality of the samples. The brass in particular are the biggest problem, the horn sounds like it’s really quiet but at the same time has it’s velocity very high, so that’s an odd and unrealistic sound really, but again the library isn’t that great so not that much you can do until you upgrade.

I liked how you collaged them all together into one piece. I’m not a huge LotR fan (only seen the movies a few times,) but I’m not sure why you have the Minas Tirith/White Tree theme in your version of “The Shire” theme. As far as I can tell in the movies they don’t have much to do with each other history or location-wise so this puzzles me a bit!

The drum hits at 3:55 stand out as sounding very odd. I think they’d work a lot better as a deeper thud and not so in the foreground, maybe something like Dynasty O Daiko from SD2 or something. But the percussion also sounds a bit out of place with the panning and the pre-delay/reverb to consistently sit well in the mix.

I liked the staccato string parts in The Dwarf Riders, but they didn’t cut through that well in parts. Again the percussion just wasn’t the right kind of instruments or sat well enough in the mix to go together as a piece of music, the timbre didn’t blend well with the key or orchestration. Everything sounds too far panned right overall in this section and/or orchestrated unevenly so didn’t really deliver that big sound required, but I liked the melody for this part, it just didn’t sound quite strong enough because of the orchestration/libraries used.

Overall the orchestrations were good, particularly the first half, and had that LotR feel, so good job with keeping in the style. But the Dwarf Rider section needs some looking at the orchestration so the parts cut through better.

The themes, as said before me, aren’t really strong enough. But Howard Shore had to re-write the Rohan theme around 10 times, and he completely failed at King Kong with his score being rejected. So just keep re-drafting if you want stronger themes, bit harder when you don’t have an unhappy director barking things at you but nvm :smiley:

Really good job and effort on writing a collage piece like this though, hopefully you’ll get one of the newer brass libraries so that end section can really sound great.

Others have knowledge on use of libraries; I’m just amazed what can be done these days without actual people playing! Sounds really good, and good writing.