The Holes in The Roads (Re -Remix) based on John Swetch's Idea

On the last thread regarding “The Holes in The Roads”, John Swetch came with what it called a “crazy” idea. While reading it, I decided to follow him and try to do my best to fit with what he had in mind.
John explained to me in details his view and gave a few references.
You can now listen (link below) to the new version which is in my opinion more comprehensive. He was right, 'cause in fact something was missing… like a bridge between the initial 2 parts of the track.

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Big thank to John Swetch for his support, his push & his time!
This shows how listening others can lead to new things and help creativity.
BTW, It also remind me the old times when i was playing in a band… (no tears)

Beautifuly produced piece with fine percusion, just thought the opening theme could have been used more throughout the piece…great intro.

Hi Knmack,
Thanks for you time and your comment. I’m happy you enjoyed!
It’s good news for me also that you like the production. I’m remixing the whole OverLand album to
move the tracks one step beyond with better production (clarity and depth). Good to have such feedback.

Regarding your thought, I’m trying to keep my tracks not too long, as it’s not live music… That’s said, around 2m54s the initial theme is used again but by the bass to support the bridge (Horns) toward the conclusion of the track.
Take care.

I guess I don’t remember it so well, but I think there are new sections? Went looking for previous version, but I guess you replaced it with this version? I mean it sounds great whatever you did.

Yes, Leon, i deleted the old one. The new section is between @2:22 and @3:22. Basically, a transition and a short development of the Horns before going to the previous end of the track.
Take care, and thanks for your time again…

Hi Stephane,
Remember that this was your baby all along. Very happy that you thought I had some worthwhile ideas along the way, but you get all the credit here through taking any of those ideas and making them happen. Very glad you’ve embraced these results.