The Holes in The Roads (Remix)

Has been remixed and uploaded for your pleasure.
On that one, my objectives for the new mix were to add clarity and punch.
That’s why, on top of the mix rework itself, I also swap the kick with a Log Drum.

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Well , punch it has ! It has a Gabrielesque touch to it, could benefit from a vocal line and edgy text.
Nice work, like the sounddesign of it.

Thanks Desert…
For the voice, i do understand, (and agree). Unfortunately i don’t know how to sing, and i don’t know either someone who can give a try.
Samples perhaps. Not really convinced yet.

Good job Stephco!

I hadn’t really paid attention, but I agree with desert about the Gabrielesque touch. Concerning the voice, I’m not sure, it would require a particular voice timbre that goes well with the musical genre.

Thank you Rene.
In any case, if anybody wants to give a try for the voicing on that one or any of my tracks, I’m open. Just DM me

Missed this one earlier. I like the way the harmony evolves. No criticism on the composition. It does what you want it to do. In my headphones (new ones) and my speakers, the highs seem exaggerated and the lows seem weak. Needs more bass, and the highs should be moderated, is my thought.

Lots of interesting sections in this instrumental, just feel it needs a top line or some sort theme to knit it together, production quality is way up there…awesome.

Leon Kevin,
Thanks again for your time & thoughts.
Happy the prod is going better.

Hi Stephco,
Just got around to this now. It’s a cool track. I think the Peter Gabriel thing people referred to has to do with the drums. Tracks of his like Red Rain or Come Talk to Me had the drummer Manu Katche involved and he did some particular things with his high hat that you’ve tapped into a bit. One idea I had at the transition point was that your repeating rhythmic hit sounded a little like a saxophone. It made me think of using some decent softsynth sax voices to create a small section there of 2-3 saxes playing that in a chordal harmony.
Not sure about adding a vocal part. You’d definitely need a specific melodic idea or vocalist to make that work, and the track is good already. As for clarity and punch, they are there already (but you might want to consider my crazy idea of a horn punch with a few sax voices).

Hey John,
Many thanks for the input.
I’m actually for personal & family reasons away from my music environment. Got only an old PC with me.
So i will only be able to experiment your “crazy” idea end of march. Will try and seek a good result.
Didn’t thought about Manu Katche, but he is a incredible drummer/percussionist.
Thanks again for your time.
Take care.