The horror of upgrading

Hi everyone.

Just upgraded to windows 11 and Cubase 13.

As usual it will take days to get everything up and running.

At the heart of my set up are 16 midi units. I like the vintage sounds.

For over ten years I’ve run these through two Steinberg Midex 8 units. After two days of trying everything the units won’t work with windows 11. I’ve copied the installation over but I keep getting a message that firmware won’t load.

Is it time to give up on my Midex 8s? And if so, how would you guys control 16 midi u it’s from Windows 12?



Hi @Paul_Brown and welcome to the Cubase community.

Just my thoughts by the way.

Given the age of these units and the fact that you are using the newest software available today, if you can, rather than spending your valuable time with possible workarounds to get them to work with Windows 11, I’d rather go for newer MIDI interfaces.

MOTU make some decent ones, while Miditech MIDIface 8×8 MIDI is a more affordable option that doesn’t require a driver, simple plug and play operation.

It’s class compliant so should work with W11 out the box.

The MOTU MIDI Express XT 8x8, seems like a nice bit of hardware with many features, but a bit pricey.


Many thanks JMO.

I think you are right and I’ve gone for the Miditech. I very much appreciate you taking the time.

Best wishes


Not a problem.

All the best.