The Hub - a bit advanced should be

Hello composers, musicians and all other good people! :wink:

We have Library Manager (that we use once in a year), but we have File Manager named The Hub we use hundred times a day, but it still a simple hub, not Manager. So, as a composer for everyday and as a programmer in past I would like to share my healthy fantasies with you.

The Hub should grow and reach at least simple File Manager, where we can do things which we are doing with File Explorer (in Windows) outside of Cubase, but very often we don’t close Cubase and need some file management.

I would like to see there some new features:

  1. Rename project including .BAK files. Now if you rename project, all .bak files have old name. I think that backup files are more important than renaming feature, so I think there should not be an option for this. Renaming should include all .bak files. If user decides to delete them it is his choice, but Cubase should be correct at the file level. (this said by SysOp in me :wink: )

  2. Archive project - a command in popup menu. I suppose ZIPing .cpr + .bak (an option) + other files. Should it include audio files, let’s discuss on this. Maybe it can be like option in dialog box.

  3. Copy project like we do Backup in opened project - yes with all checkings like we have in dialog about audio files, drop unused and so on.

  4. Move project to other location.

  5. Rename project folder.

  6. Simple option - use biggest number +1 rather than seek for unused number in a names of project folders. Now, if we have sketch-01, sketch-05, sketch-06, the Hub creates new project using folder sketch-02, not sketch-07 as it should be if we need numbering in right sequence.

  7. Cubase should remove empty project folder after closing it without saving and folder don’t contain any file. I have many empty project folders that Hub creates before any file operation occurs. I remove them in file explorer. Maybe Cubase should create folder structure only on first attempt to save something? Or on first audio recording (preparing)?

  8. Project folder naming could have a Naming scheme like we have in Export Audio window. In the Hub’s Naming scheme there should be date elements (year, month, day separately), maybe time elements and others (don’t know which and how much). Also in schema could be a slash ‘’ that means The Hub should create a folder tree like it defined in schema - {default location we select}{schema preset} and schema preset can be like:
    sketch-{increasing_number} (as it is now)
    {year} \ projects \ sketch-{increasing_number}
    {year}{month} \ sounddesign \ fieldrec-{increasing_numer}
    …and so on.
    Of course there could be a preset like this:
    {year}{month} \ {day} - {hour}{minute}
    …without increasing number. It’s a most… I think that time in our day is most important than a sequence of sketches. Can we create more than one project in one minute? If yes, then there can be an increasing number at the end.

When I (and suppose not only me) do sketches for a big project or simple for library, I need to change default location every day let Project folders have their counting from 01.

I think I should not say these are simple features to implement in next update :wink: … Martin will kill me :smiley:

Sorry for my poor English, but I’m sure you won’t understand me at all if I talk in my native language. Thanks for your patience.