The HUB Enhancements

The HUB Enhancements

If The HUB is going to be part of cubase, how about making it more useful for us? Here are just a few things that would improve it.

  1. The ability to hide the left side. I work offline much of the time. No need to see it.
  2. Button to clear the list.
  3. Ability to sort the list.
  4. Add Save Date and Time to the File Name in a separate column.
  5. Ability to filter on the name or date range.
  6. Option to show only the last updated version. Example if you have a project called REC and you have 10 versions REC-01 - REC-10. Show only REC-10.
  7. My templates should not be called MORE. They are My Saved Templates.
  8. The HUB should follow the theme of the interface. Should have a FOCUS line around and have in the color of the FOCUS set in preferences. Have the same color as the project window.
  9. Ability to Shift-Click to select a block to remove them. Same thing for Option Click to select for delete.

Anyway, just a start. I am sure others have more ideas.

When you look at the project assistant which looks like an updated version of the HUB without the left hand side. You can see the compare between the two. The Project Assistant has a nice feature to use key commands. Maybe the HUB could use this same design?

HUB Window.png