The Hub (startup screen)

Some of you can share your principles and workflow basics, but last days I found that Hub is not convenient to use. Let’s talk about it.

Okay, it is very good, if I save templates and categorize them and then they appear in categories or tabs like Recording, Scoring, Production, Mastering… and more - these templates without a category specified. All that is good and comfortable.

But the Recent tab is something that needs update or add some customizable options in Preferences.

So, if I create a project, I specify it’s folder and it have the name of project of course. For example - GoodSong. The path will like be C:\Studio\MyAlbum\Goodsong. Then I do some recordings and I need to save it. Of course I don’t need to name file in the same name as the project. I name it MIX1.cpr. After some tests and mastering there can be a MIX2.cpr and other files, bet the project is the same - GoodSong. But what I see on Recent tab in a Hub if I work on more than one project? I see something like that:


Yes, there is small text below each name, but it is too light to quickly understand which project it is.

I think, if there is a concept of one project in one folder which can have lot of mixing variations, then the Recent tab should be like this:

GoodSong - MIX1
Created: 23/Jan/2017, Modified: today
JohnsComposition - yesterdayMix
Created: 2/Aug/2016, Modified: yesterday
PaulsSong - MIX1
Created: 16/Jan/2017, Modified: 26/Jan/2017
StupidSong - MIX1
Created: 12/Dec/2016, Modified: 21/Jan/2017

And the light text below each item can hold helpful information like “project created” date, “file created” date, “file modified” date and more. Maybe this list can be customizable in Preferences.

There is no need to see project’s path in light text. Maybe project name can be a link to project’s folder - therefore I underlined it above.

I will post a feature request if some of you confirm that that vision should not die :slight_smile:

My thoughts…

This is why I immediately save the project to be the same as the folder. Then, if I make different .cprs I will add a suffix to that name with something that describes the change made. That way the project name will never be similar to another project coming from a different folder. I usually do not save different .cprs of the same song to different folders

Using your examples I would name them…


BTW… your idea is not bad but, for me, I don’t think I would need it. Others might?

Edit… Corrected to “suffix”. Was “prefix”

Regards :sunglasses:

I do the same as PRock, but I have serious use for your idea! I use incremental save (CTRL SHIFT S) and this can create long lists of the same song in the hub. Like song -20 to -33 and all in between. Only below those, another track with lots of entries. It would be nice if they were bundled some way.