The Hunger Games - Horn of Plenty Midi Mock Up

Here is my midi mock up of James Newton Howard’s horn of plenty from The Hunger Games.
Any mixing tips guys?


I think overall its good… things i would say about mixing would be.
I think the snare would blend (become more of the same orchestra) better being a little darker
The choral sections dont seem to do it for me as i would have preferred to hear instruments filling that space…maybe flute or piccolo…
i have never heard the orignal track you modeled from…nor have i ever heard of this movie or game…but based on the cover shot that displays i would have expected a sound of action and suspense…think more staccato type film score…

Listened to the original first. I never usually comment much on midi mockups because I think everyone can hear with their own ears when it comes to covering someone else’s music note for note from the score.

But the main problem for me is the brass are almost at the right volume, but sounds like the velocity is too low to give it the sound they’d naturally have, like in the original.

Overall pretty accurate, and you do obviously learn stuff from entering the score from professional pieces and trying to match the expression/sound of the performers, but I wouldn’t spend too much time doing covers. It’s samples, it’s never ever gonna sound as good as real humans.

Never seen or heard of it either, but really enjoyed the original piece ;D

Good job with it all in all.

Thanks guys

The original is an odd piece. It is the national anthem to a fictional country in the movie. I’ve always wanted to write a “national anthem” for a fictional country. Plus, I’m experimenting with a new set of plugins .

Thanks for listening.