The Id button disappears

I know the performer should sign up so that we can connect through our usernames. But when I want to use the ID
button it’s not always there. Its like I can use it once, and then when there was a dissconnect the button is not there anymore, so I have to remove
vst connect and start it up again. Is there another way, or is this a bug?

This is a bug which is fixed in the next version.

Alright, thanks!

New Version? Sounds interesting, is the release far away?

We hope to find out this week.

COOL!! so… did you find out?? :slight_smile:

We’re currently testing, let you know when it’s ready. Sorry for the delay.

I just tried VST Connect SE with Cubase 10 Pro, and both I and my friend testing VST-C Peformer had this issue.

Any word on the update?

sorry it takes so long. We’re trying hard.

Has this issue been resolved by Steinberg yet?

Any news on this? It’s a pain having to restart VST connect Pro every time.

we’re pushing for first week of September - no guarantee though.