The Import from Audio Track in Project Bug (CONFIRMED!)

The Import from Audio Track in Project Bug:
Select File-> import from Project
Select a project file to import tracks from
Copy to Project is checked by default. Now select the channels in the project you want to bring in and hit OK

Result: The files are in the project window but behind the scenes they reference the original location instead of Copying to the project Audio location as desired.

I suspect the checkbox by default is not defaulting a variable to checked in the software

How do we get onto the registered bugs list

I can confirm this bug and it’s easily reproducible. It’s a potentially very dangerous bug which should be addressed as matter of urgency, as it can result in data loss.

The current state of the checkbox is not being read before the operation begins. Only if you uncheck, and then re-check, does it actually copy the media into the currently active project folder.

In fact I learned this the hard way and lost 4 hours of drums in front of a client by importing drum audio tracks from project 1 into project 2 etc. It was a session drummer too so had to call him back for a redo. Nightmare!

Hi. This is not moved to collected issues yet


Is this in collected issues. Very serious bug in terms of project integrity

I tried the repro- this is not fixed in 9.0.20.

Didn’t even see it on a recognised bug list. Amazing stuff isn’t it

Please, there is no list of current bugs that SB makes available to the public, so no, it’s not amazing stuff. Look at the forum and you will see there’s no longer a Collected Issues sub-forum. It wasn’t properly kept up anyway, so all that was lost was the illusion of knowing something.

Just fyi, the bug is, as you said, that the checkbox shows the wrong state, and the workaround is to click it to force an update.

SB has confirmed this bug. CAN-7631

I would just like to also link to this bug I’ve found, which appears it could be related, when using backup project.
(files stay in same location, not new location).